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The Ultimate Guide To Taking back your health

38 Pages of Invaluable Information!
Transform your health in just 30 days!

Experience what the ketogenic diet has to offer

I am so confident this eBook will help you like it helped me that if it doesn't, contact me for your money back! I believe in what I offer to others and will NEVER push garbage products. Everything Vivacity & Vigor stands for actually WORKS and I stand behind every product!

What's Included?


Step 1

Discover certain foods that will boost your performance mentally and physically!


Step 1

How to manage electrolyte intake for maximum fat loss and performance!

Carbohydrate Withdrawal

Step 1

Learn how to effectively manage and alleviate carbohydrate withdrawal!

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Frun Lucaj

Hey there! For those who do not know me, I am a pre-med student with big dreams to change the way we interpret true health.

I've experimented with nearly every diet, supplement and workout regimen you could imagine.

I did this because I myself was struggling with bad anxiety, stress and even depression.

Being so young at the time (19), I knew something wasn't right. How could I be feeling like this?

So I set out on a journey.

A journey to take back my health!

What I've learned produces REAL results. It was not easy but it was worth it.

Now, I'd like to pay it forward and help others obtain the health they deserve!

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